Brad Wallace

Brad Wallace



Not Your Typical Real Estate Agent

Along with being a realtor for the last 20 years while serving buyers and sellers alike, I have provided my clients with honest quality service. 

I am well versed in working with investors and am certified in the technical aspects of the short sale process. Before this I served in the US Army and was a Philadelphia police officer before I switched over to the Philadelphia Fire Dept. until I retired in 2009.

My philosophy of dealing with clients is complete disclosure and communication is my #1 priority. Buying or selling your home should be a positive experience but now a days a real estate transaction can sometimes be far from easy and for this reason you need to know someone is in your corner. I like people to know I have their best interest in everything I do during a transaction and feel they can be open and honest with me.

About Us

My daughter, Lauren Wallace who is also a licensed realtor will work side by side with me. Prior to her obtaining her real estate license she worked as my assistant when she was not attending Kutztown University. You could say she grew up in the real estate business.

Remember, real estate is not all about the transaction, it’s about a relationship and even more important – TRUST and RESULTS.

My promise to you as our client is this, we will never keep you in the dark or leave you wondering about your situation. Good or Bad you will always get the TRUTHfrom us. We are not there to be a wallflower, we are there to protect our client. So, for this reason I have talked my way out of more business because it was the right thing to do. 

How do you help buyers to find the right properties for them?

We listen to our client’s needs and wants. It’s about them not us. I always say you have to happy with the decision you make because you are the one paying the bill for next however many years. But as I stated you’re not here just to be a wallflower you are here to guide by answering questions that will arise and help the process going forward. Communication is key. Not all transactions are as smooth as we would like. When problems arise, you need to be upfront with your people. They need to know they can trust you and you have their best interest.

How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?

Once again as a realtor, you need to know what is most important to your client. If it’s about price and there are other offers being considered stick to your guns or where you feel comfortable. But if it’s your clients DREAM HOUSE you are doing them a disservice if you don't tell them they may need to over bid in that situation. What is a few thousand dollars over the lifetime of the loan. So, to answer your question, there is not just one right answer. Again, it comes down to it’s all about my client. I can guide them and help them through the process, but they ultimately need to make the decision.

What do you do to help market the properties your clients are selling?

The best answer is to be honest. A weak realtor will take every listing that comes along. Securing a listing that doesn't sell isn’t helping anyone involved. If you bow to the seller just to get a listing, you won't have the fortitude to stand up for your client during the negotiation process. This is a waste of time and money for everyone. A nice property priced correctly will always sell.

How do you ensure your sellers get the highest price?

Once again, it's not always about the price. It could be a seller needs to sell a property quick. I'm not saying sell it low but to price accordingly to accomplish your client’s goals.

What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?

Understand the process. Ask questions. Know you're dealing with someone who has your best interest and realizes it’s not all about making a buck. Communication is key. Hold people to their word, whether it's client or agent or a 3rd party, (loan officer, inspectors, contractors ETC). Make sure realtors respect your sellers time but also let them know the quicker we get this place under contract they can go back to their normal living and prepare for moving day.

If you feel you are not a good fit to work together, go find another realtor.

Make sure the realtor’s priorities are your priorities.

Specialties: Representing Buyers, Representing Sellers, First-Time Buyers, Short Sales, Foreclosures, 1031 Exchanges, Luxury Properties, Property Management, Investment Properties


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